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Jul 15, 2004
Is it possible to control the volume using the Receiver instead of the volume control on the TV? We have a TV Receiver card in a computer we use as a bedroom TV and do not have the optional remote for it ( didn't need it with CATV PVR box from Time Warner the volume control was on the receiver).
I believe some of the much older Dish units allowed you to change the volume in the receiver, but I don't think any of the current models support this.

If I'm wrong, I'm sure that someone else will correct me.
You can program your 522 remote to work many, but not all, audio receiver models in the AUX mode. If the AUX mode works for your audio receiver you can then program the remote's VOLUME button to work the receiver instaed of the "TV."

Check your manual.
The 522 unit does not control volume as previous older models such as the 2700 did through the receiver audio output.

Dish went to a standard fixed audio output level. You now have to control volume with your TV volume or AMP volume control. (As JohnDoe#2 states)

Your only option would be to run your computer audio output to an external amp and control it with the 522 remote. You can pick up a stereo receiver and remote fairly cheap at yard sales or auctions. (Even Walmart 50 bucks and up - Sanyo CWM-480)

Walmart Mini-Stereo's

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