Waking Up the DVI on Samsung HLP5063W DLP

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Jul 3, 2004
I have the Dish 811 which is connected to my Samsung HLP5053W DLP monitor via a Monster DVI cable. When I turn on the TV, and it is in satellite mode, there is no audio. Once I cycle the monitor through various inputs, i.e., DVD, Comp. 1&2, etc., and back to DVI, the audio "wakes up" and is fine. It's not a major headache, just an annoyance. Anyone have any thoughts as to whether this is an 811 or a monitor problem? TIA!
Your brand of DVI cable is irrelevant to audio. (Actually, whether you use DVI at all is irrelevant to audio.)
What's important is how you connect the audio to the TV. Does the Samsung have a digital optical input, or are you using standard analog RCA connectors?
If you are using a digital input, then it may have something to do with how the 811 sends the signal. A number of 811 users have complained of audio problems when connecting to certain brand/model audio receivers.
If you are using standard analog connections, then I would say the "problem" is with the TV. (Not that it's a major problem, really.)
I am using analog RCA cables connected to inputs on back of TV and never noticed this issue. In fact, I will say the audio comes on prior to the video picture. And yes, I own a Samsung DLP (56"). As for the DVI cable I use, it is a no-name brand I picked up on eBay. No problems with the cable.
I'm confused now. In the first post, you say you have no audio, until you cycle the inputs. In the second post, you say audio comes on prior to the picture.

I don't know if anyone can help you if you don't clearly state your problem.
With the Samsung DLP 507W (50"), I discovered that to get audio out of the monitor from my DVD player (which is connected via DVI), I needed to use the PC audio input. It works fine when I want to watch a DVD without cranking up the audio side of my home theater system. If you have a PC audio input on 5053W, you might give it a try and see what happens.

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