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Sep 8, 2003
Las Vegas, Nevada
From our friends at SkyRetailer.com

High-def Service to Cost $749

The Cablevision VOOM boom is here...and it's a disappointment for independent retailers around the nation. Why? Sears has become the exclusive retailer of the VOOM service, the company has said, which further promotes the big chain retail effect where the smaller independents have to fend for themselves.

In a poll held on SkyRETAILER.com, 47 percent of those polled said they would like to sell the VOOM service and 32 percent said they would consider selling it (results as of press time). And, considering SkyRETAILER's readership consists of smaller retailers around the nation - the likes of DISH and DirecTV retail enthusiasts - the poll says a lot.

"I would have sold it yesterday," said Claude Greiner, president of Metro25 of Detroit - an independent retailer of satellite TV systems. "I think VOOM should have contacted independent retailers and have them push the service. There's a lot of people out there that I can sign up for this service - all the HD-enthusiasts I know. I like VOOM, I like what they offer, but I think they made a wrong move by getting Sears to do this."

The VOOM service will charge an initial one-time cost of $749.99 for equipment. For this price, customers will receive a satellite dish, remote control, digital off-air antenna, and next-generation set-top receiver that seamlessly integrates local signals into one user-friendly program guide, specifically designed for the HD format. In addition, customers will receive a full professional installation and a two-year complete in-home service plan.

As the service debuted yesterday, the company said its charter members will pay no monthly programming fee through January 2004. Beginning February 2004, VOOM will be offered for $39.90 a month.

The cool point about the service is its programming. Ain't nothing better than a barrage of HD channels, including: 21 commercial-free, 1080i channels and favorites such as the Disney Channel, A&E, FX, AMC and more, as well as over-the-air digital local broadcast channels delivered in standard-definition (SD) and in HD where available. By February 2004, with the addition of new channels, customers will receive 39 HD channels and 88 SD channels, including more than 40 cable favorites.

For more information on the VOOM service, visit http://www.voom.com. As of press time, nobody could be reached at VOOM to offer comment on future retail plans.


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Sep 7, 2003
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Perhaps they want to see how well it does until January and it also gives them time to setup commission structures among other things. If Voom was smart they would have retailers that sell for Dish and Direct sell their product as well.

Perhaps when SES Americom sets up at 105 there will be a better opportunity for retailers for that product, along with a competetor that goes more along with what Dish and Direct offer.


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Sep 12, 2003
Well the folks there do need training to be effective based on my visit today. Having not visited Sears consumer electronics areas in a number of years I was really surprised by the number of plasmas laying around.


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Sep 10, 2003
Hayden, ID
Went to Sears Today

rudolpht said:
Well the folks there do need training to be effective based on my visit today. Having not visited Sears consumer electronics areas in a number of years I was really surprised by the number of plasmas laying around.

As usual, I knew more about the Voom service than the 2 dweebs at the local Sears. They at least had a display up but no service. The box locked up trying to navigate the menus that were showing!. The dweebs said that they tried to contact Voom themselves for an install but got hung up on by Voom!!!!

Get this, the demo showing was from a DVD run through a Samsung HD931 DVD player!

The dweebs even admitted that what they know about Voom was from the DVD demo loop.

The remote looked like it came from a Clown branded TV! Lots of perty colors! ;)

So far a waste of time. It does have potential. The brochure available stated that the 28 channels are available but the web site states only 23 incl. the 21 Voom channels & DiscoveryHD & an Intro Voom are available now. The rest later (after 2/1/04).

Thus there are NO add on packages now.

I am still tempted to sign up for the 23 channels. However, once I get a Dish 921, I would not need any addon channels with Voom due to the Dish HD pack & HD DVR!!


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