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Basil Hashem

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Hi there,

I'm in a bit of a quandary and was looking for any recommendation for a
knowledgeable installer / authorized Dish Network reseller or advice on what
others have done:

In particular, here's what I have:

- 2 HDTV setups

- existing OTA antenna that receives signals relatively well (but can
possibly use some tuning and amplification)

- a dead Voom dish

- Dish Network (pointing to 148) dish

Where I want to go:

- Receive Dish Network's HD Package and Voom10 package by either:

a) refit/convert existing Voom dish to for Dish network use

b) install a new dish

- Ideally two 942 HD DVR systems (under a lease option)

- HD Pkg + Voom + America's Top Programming + a premium channel

As a former Voom customer (including being a charter member, so what now,
eh?), I was supposed to be offered some specials from Dish but they don't
seem to be available to me since I'm an existing Dish customer.

I've attempted to contact Dish Network directly and they are not interested
AT ALL to aid in my activation. Also, as an existing customer, I cannot get
the 942 HD DVR and they won't offer me two HD DVR's (not even the 811). I've
contacted various resellers and they also told me that they are not
interested in converting me since I'm an existing Dish customer. They have
"no offers" at all for me. They recommended I cancel my subscription to Dish
and sign up again under a different name (not feasible for me since I'm
stuck with prepaid international programming).

Any help would be appreciated.




Basil Hashem


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