VOOM Epics-HD Gets More Classic Movies

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Sep 8, 2003
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(Variety) LONDON Blighty's Carlton Intl. Media is refurbishing its huge library of movie classics, including "The African Queen," to take advantage of the DVD boom and high-definition TV.

Restoration funding for the 1951 classic, starring Katharine Hepburn (news) and Humphrey Bogart (news), is coming jointly from Paramount, which holds the U.S. rights.

" 'The African Queen' is getting a very full restoration, right back to the original negatives," says Fiona Maxwell, Carlton Intl. Media's controller of operations. "The work is being done in the U.K. and includes an interview with cinematographer Jack Cardiff (news)."

The technological revamp of the 1,500-movie library, the sixth largest, will future-proof it, according to Carlton Intl., Media CEO Rupert Dilnott-Cooper.

It includes classics from the Rank library ("Oliver Twist," "The Ipcress File"), Romulus Films ("Richard III"), Alexander Korda ("The Scarlet Pimpernel") and the ITC Film Library ("Sophie's Choice," "On Golden Pond," "The Eagle Has Landed").

The library refurb was prompted by Carlton America's recent HDTV movie output deal with Cablevision's Rainbow high-def service Voom, which went live Oct. 15 with 21 exclusive premium channels.

Carlton's output deal is with Voom movie channel Epics, which is dedicated to classic films in HD.

The joy of 35mm celluloid is that it is HD "ready," provided the print is pristine. And this is where Carlton's restoration team steps in.

"A (tape) master that was created five or more years ago would almost certainly not be acceptable now," Maxwell says. "Today's DVD market alone almost demands a fresh look at the complete archive. Add in HD broadcast and you have to leap well ahead with this fresh examination."

Carlton Intl. Media, which brings together the media rights management, distribution and licensing divisions and the U.S. television movie acquisition and production arm of Carlton Communications, has invested around $18 million in this work over the past six years.

Restoration isn't easy, with each film taking a typical 50,000 frame-by-frame fixes.

"That many fixes would have been unheard of a year or two ago," Maxwell explains. "But, helped by the demand of HD, and because of the tool set and skills now acquired, we can do a much more thorough job. We can supply library owners with a product that's probably better than it could have ever have been in the film world, other than on the first few screenings. As for TV transfer, the quality would never have been at anything close to this level."

The first 10 titles have been delivered to Voom including "Les Miserables" and "A Tale of Two Cities."

The classic "Richard III," staring Laurence Olivier (news) and John Gielgud (news), complete with three minutes of lost material, is among another 20 now available in HD.

Carlton is collaborating with Criterion Pictures on "Richard III," which is in better shape than anytime since its 1955 release.

The Cardiff interview on "The African Queen" is typical of extras being offered.

"We have camera crews working almost solely going around interviewing stars and directors on their filmmaking experiences," says Dilnott-Cooper.

"We were horrified when Dirk Bogarde (news) passed away before we were able to capture an interview. He was in 16 of our movies, and so we have decided to invest more to speed up the interview process. The same is happening with most of the large studios, but it has influenced our thinking on the release of special-edition DVDs."


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Nov 5, 2003
Question is, will the films that are 1.33:1 actually be shown in 1.33:1? Or will they be cropped top and bottom?

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Sep 8, 2003
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Matt_Stevens said:
Question is, will the films that are 1.33:1 actually be shown in 1.33:1? Or will they be cropped top and bottom?

Not clear Matt as Epics-HD has been one of the two channels (the other being Monsters-HD) that presented limited amount of movies in their OAR.

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Sep 8, 2003
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I saw both of these movies in Epics-HD. Both were very good transfer and very good movies. Yet, there are those that will complain that these movies do not look HD because they do not compare close to the HD transfer of the LOTR.

I think that we see these clasic movies in HD we need to put in perspective that these movies are old and the transfer we'll be as good as it gets. Yes, it could be better but the condition of the film will determine how good it is and we cannot expect to compare these clasics to more recent movies that have been transfered to HD.

This also means that Epics-HD library of movies will increase to 1,500 titles of clasic movies. I wish I can find what are these titles.

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Sep 8, 2003
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Carlton International Media Group, one of the world's largest film and television programme owner/distributors, has licensed a number of classic titles from its Carlton Film Collection and the ITC Library to Rainbow DBS's VOOM, the television service offering a comprehensive array of high-definition (HD) programming to customers throughout the continental United States. The announcement was made today by Carlton International's Vice President of US Sales, Jeri Sacks.

Under terms of the multi-year agreement, VOOM will air thirteen mini-series and feature film titles converted to HD by Carlton International on its Epics Channel. The channel is dedicated to showing films completely in HD. Among the titles included in the arrangement are ARIA, ALL QUIET ON THE WESTERN FRONT, THE BIG SLEEP, VOYAGE OF THE DAMNED, THE COUNT OF MONTE CRISTO, FAREWELL MY LOVELY, GREAT EXPECTATIONS, LES MISERABLES, MAN FRIDAY, THE MAN IN THE IRON MASK, MARCH OR DIE, A TALE OF TWO CITIES and the classic mini-series MOSES THE LAWGIVER.

The deal is an outgrowth of the current arrangement between the companies involving the exclusive licensing of a number of Carlton International feature films for Rainbow Media Holdings' American Movie Classics, The Independent Film Channel and Romance Classics. The organizations entered into this agreement in 2000.

Regarding the announcement, Jeri Sacks stated, "HD broadcast is an exciting new platform through which viewers can watch films with stunning clarity of image and sound. Given the significant number of films that Carlton International owns, we elected to invest in and begin the process of transferring titles to HD, not only to distribute them to such progressive outlets as VOOM, but also as an archiving system to save these wonderful films for future generations to enjoy."

Carlton International manages an ongoing film restoration project, preserving and restoring titles found in the Carlton Film Collection and the Programme Catalogue. For titles undergoing the full restoration treatment, HD will now feature as an additional restoration layer, allowing the full depth of colour to be retrieved.

List of Possible Titles:

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A Town Like Alice
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Alfred Hitchcock: The Early Years
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Black Narcissus
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Brief Encounter
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In Which We Serve
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Oliver Twist
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The Battle of the River Plate
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The Doctor Series
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The Importance of Being Earnest
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The Red Shoes
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