VOOM is only $700 at Sears

Dan Berndt

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Dec 2, 2003
I was at Sears tonight I noticed some small print on a little pocket on the bottom of the VOOM display. The small print said that there was a -$49 charge for the VOOM Starter Kit. The total price for the single receiver was $749 - $49 or $700.

You had to have the little voucher that was suppose to be in the pocket validated at the register to get the instant $49 rebate. I have never seen any vouchers in that pocket for as long as I've been watching the VOOM display at Sears. Although when I first started talking to the sales rep at Sears he did say something about $49 but I didn't realize it was an instant rebate until tonight.

I got my VOOM over the phone without the Sears voucher. I wonder if I can still get the $49 rebate. After all I did see VOOM first at Sears and the Sears rep did a poor job of selling it.
I talked to my sears about this, they have the little cards and have Voom running, you still pay $749, $49 for the starter kit, at which time your card gets stamped or something, and then if you have a stamped card you only pay $700 when you authorize the system after install instead of the Full $749....at any rate you still pay a total of $749
I was under the impression that the voucher was $49 that you would pay to Sears and then pay VOOM for the rest of the money. I never saw anything at Sears here in NYC so I am just repeating what I read. The $49.00 was Sears commission on the deal?
I got a chance to read the cards VOOM gives out to the sales reps (the sales guy didn't know what the cards were and just had them lying around) The Sears guy gets a $100 commission on each VOOM sale.

No, I positive the $49 Starter Kit is a rebate. The Sears guy said Sears could not even except any money for VOOM. I think though your going to have a hard time finding a Sears sales rep that understands the VOOM promotion.
Hey! then an argument could be made to get $49.00 rebate back. Sears handle this whole so poorly that I see no reason why they should not be able to give you a rebate... Sears exclusive deal will be over soon but it did nothing for early subscribers... If you can get the rebate, please let us know. $49.00 is $$$ and if we can get it back...
Just a quick update. this had me puzzled because I was sure of what I saw at sears, so I went back today, didn't bother talking to a sales guy, just read the display, it is clearly printed on the Voom supplied display, just above the pocket that holds the startup packets, that you have to pay $49 for the packet instore, (My sears has tons of them in the pocket on the display) and $700 more is due BEFORE installation will be scheduled. For a total price of $749

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