Voom lies to their customers...I'm done


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if u get a new hd box it might already have mpeg4 capability. plus its also apparent if they switch over to the compression they'll need to do a swap out ..which is rumored for sometime next year . If they do that they will probley do it for free with a one year commitment


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Apr 18, 2004
Honestly I'd be amazed if Voom ever calls me back.

After reading the results of the investors conference call and their report on the CC I think Voom has doomed themselves.

No MPEG4 till late next year, and only for SD, even later for HD, no DVR, no room for sports channels and if they do, you'll need a 20x30 dish or a second dish...


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Apr 30, 2004
Long Island, NY
Eric :

Just wanted to say thanks for the suggestion about calling D* retention. Even though I've been a subscriber for only 5 months they gave me $150 credit towards the purchase of an HD receiver (I picked up the Samsung 360 today from CirctCty).

I must say, D* sure does take care of its customers.


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Mar 24, 2004
I had the same problem. File a complaint with the BBB. Dispute the charges with your credit card company - I did for 4 months worth of charges and all were accepted. Voom *MAY* start listening to its customers once they can't find a credit card vendor due to their high number of disputes. I love HD Tivo with DirectTV - it WORKS!