VOOM missed the boat again - NO SPICE-HD?

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This is the fourth consecutive time that VOOM misses a launch and the channel fails to show up in the PG. I know that it's still probably early and that something might happen between now and 12am, but man! these 21 exclusive HD channels are not making it anymore. In one word "REPEATS".

12/1 TMC-H

They really need to get down with the program and start getting some contract soon. Otherwise the 3/31/04 money back guarantee is looking very good so far... Right now, there is more content on E* (with HDnet Movies) than on V* that I like to see. This 21 exclusives channels are an advertisement campain to get you to buy the system. The only problem with the publicity is that they do not have anything in place to retain you.

If we do not see anything before Christmas added to the HD lineup, it's going to be a long/sad Christmas at VOOM. :hammer:
Yeah that's true and I will give them until 12am tonight but there is no activity yet and you would think that we would have heard something by now. At least on what channel it is going to be...
Thats why I say its the quality, not the quantity. Dish could have 10 good HD channels that have just as much or more content than all of Voom's 21 exclusive channels. Just because they are exclusive does not make them good. A lot of people are not going to purchase Voom until they get some better content to make that expensive of a purchase more viable.
Is it? No...Yes...NO it was only Spike TV---> for a moment I though I saw Spi_e TV. :)

No Spice-TV but at least there is "Live Flesh". A very good Spanish Movie (sub-titled) on Cinema 10.

How can VOOM miss the launch of Spice-HD? Especially when it is exclusive to them! :rolleyes:
After thinking about it and reading all the responses here and at other forums I have to say that we need to have a little patience... From 11/04-12/04 is a month. We still have little less than 3 months of free programming. We all complain, and I know I have done my share as well, but we need to wait and see what's going to happen. Too early to jump ship without making a smart evaluation about the whole package. No Spice-HD if that's what you were waiting for.

Relax and enjoy the other programming until the other HD channels are added. Now, I'll complain and probably think about jumping ship if it was 1/1/04 and no new addition of HD channels. Let's get Voom sometime to come up big before Christmas. Maybe by Christmas Santa will bring us the some of the new Channels.

Wilt confirmed tonight that the channels are coming so that's another insurance.
Wilt confirmed tonight that the channels are coming so that's another insurance.

Is Wilt your CSR your talking to ? I really want to get Voom but patiently waiting for my house to get finished and more importantly content content content. I look at Zap2it.com a lot and most of the movies I wouldn't even care to watch. if they can't get a deal with HDNET and INHD and HBO I can't see the reason for jumping on the Voom train.
Wilt is the VP of Engineering for both Cablevision Systems and VOOM. He has been helping users with problems and answering questions on the VOOM Yahoo Group. here is the link to that forum

The information on Wilt does not mention how hard he really works and that he never sleeps. :)

I bet more companies wish they had a guy like Wilt. :D
Trindle said:
Wilt confirmed tonight that the channels are coming so that's another insurance.

I love Wilt - he's a fantastic resource. But.... the same promises have been made on the CV side, and they're proven, for the most part, fruitless. V* is a work in progress for me, and not even remotely close to justifying the $749 yet, IMHO

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