Were we mislead about Spice-HD or will it show up?

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Sep 8, 2003
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So Voom added Starz-HD (East & West) today plus 6 Starz SD channels. What can we learn for future channel additions? We all know it is a matter of time when these HD channels will show up in the PG.

We knew that VOOM had an agreement with Starz-HD (Read 10/15/03 Press Conference Thread). Then Starz-HD launches earlier than expected on December 2nd, 2003 and VOOM does not carry the channel immediately. We all get upset and ask what's going on. Starz-HD shows up three days later without an announcement from VOOM.

How about Spice-HD? Spice-HD launched December 4th, 2003 and according to the article that we all read there was an agreement between playboy and VOOM to carry it. This article also stated that VOOM will carry it first besides other cable operators. If we are to believe that the article is "legit" and there is an agreement, can we expect Spice-HD to show up on VOOM by Sunday, December 7th (Three days after).

Remember that NLF-HD (channel 311) did not show up from the beginning either and one day it decided to show up in the PG.

I did not mention Cinemax-HD or TMC-HD. These channels have launched but we do not have press releases or articles that VOOM has come to an agreement yet.


I also read what Scott said about being mislead: Here's Scottbusy post. Scott could be also right and maybe we were all mislead.

I think there has been a misunderstanding here involving Spice-HD. Phillip Swan had said that Spice-HD was to be on VOOM. But if you look at the press release from Playboy it says they have a deal with VOOM to carry Playboy TV not Spice-HD. I think Spice and Playboy are both owned by Playboy, but are two separate channels. I think VOOM has an exclusive deal to carry Playboy-HD in January. I think Spice-HD is available to all cable and DBS companies. I could be wrong, but I think VOOM will carry Playboy-HD in January and Spice-HD is open to all companies. I think Phillip Swan misled us all saying Spice-HD would debut on VOOM. I think he meant Playboy-HD will debut on VOOM. Me thinks we will have to wait until January to fulfill our fantasies. :)

See here :
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