Voom Please Carry G4/Tech Tv Channel for Video Gamers


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Apr 19, 2004
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Comcast Completes Acquisition of TechTV

PHILADELPHIA, May 10 /PRNewswire/ -- Comcast Corporation today announced that it has completed the purchase of TechTV from Vulcan Programming, Inc. and, as planned, will merge it with G4, the Comcast-owned television network devoted to video games and the gamer lifestyle. EchoStar Communications Corporation will have an equity interest in the combined entity. Financial terms were not disclosed.

Beginning May 28, the two channels will merge into one network called G4TechTV and will be available in approximately 44 million cable and satellite homes nationwide. The merged channel will be headquartered in Los Angeles. "We are confident that G4TechTV will offer value to the many affiliates; advertisers; content partners; and viewers of both G4 and TechTV," said Charles Hirschhorn, CEO of the merged network. "The combined programming lineup will let viewers continue to enjoy their favorite shows while, at the same time, introducing them to new programming. Additionally, we have begun to develop new, exciting original programming that will premiere later this year."

Viewers who have questions about the merger may log onto
http://www.g4techtv.com for more information.
Voom Please Carry This Channel. I love Video Games and HD and this would be a serious plus for Voom to carry
I second this motion. TechTv is great and would be a fantastic addition to line up. :yes

Well after reading that they have fired the TechTv folks, maybe not after all :no

They're keeping the main shows (TSS, X-Play, Fresh Gear, etc.) so I'm pretty sure they'll offer those hosts enough to move to LA. Voom really does need to get on the ball about getting TechTv. I know several people that are just waiting for that to get the service (I NEARLY didn't switch because of it).
I liked TechTv when I had cable, but G4 was awful. It was one long video game commercial. I never saw anything I would be interested in, like programming video games, interviews with creators, etc.
"No thanks. Give us more HD...that is the point, right?"

No Cameron119 Your Wrong. We All Need Variety in Life & Not All TV Is HDTV Yet. We Still Need Some Good SD & TechTV Is Mandatory For All Us Internet Geeks.
Well, I miss Sci Fi and I would much rather see it and USA added before a Game show. How many gamers are out there vs people who want the other channels?

I vote no.
I'd rather not bother carrying any of these until they begin broadcasting in HD. Voom has a decent enough SD collection. They need to focus more on the HD channels we're not yet receiving.

Besides, IMHO TechTV went downhill after they moved the great Screensavers staff (Morgan, Martin, and later Leo) to their own shows and fired Chris Pirillo. Now it seems they've fired everyone at TechTV anyway.
I Just got done watching G4.com on tech tv and the 3 host were the worse I have ever seen , could not finish watching the show because of them and it was all about E3. I wanted to watch ,but they have to go.

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