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You may or may not have seen the Monsterama show in Monsters-HD. It is truely a MUST see. Here's some information about the show.


The first group was from American Movie Classics' Monsterama show that airs on the Monsters HD Channel (high definition) on the VOOM network. A crew of four showed up as soon as the doors opened on Monday complete with a high-definition camera plus a tripod and frames to set it up on, much like a mini-Hollywood set. The sound and camera guys also brought plenty of lights and lighting accessories to film a 10-minute documentary about Todd and his history with "cool" monster toys. It was one of the most in-depth shoots ever done in our offices, and the first ever in high-def. The crew was here for most of 11 hours filming Todd and many of the classic and current Monsters Playsets, McFarlane's Monsters, as well as Movie Maniacs and Spawn figures. Yes, it can take several hours of filming, plus many more hours in the edit booth to create a five to ten minute interview segment!
Tonight's episode is featuring "The Monsters". I wish they bring this series to Monsters-HD. I am a big fan of the series. Amazing the PQ of this program.
I agree also, best channel on Voom, better then the SCI FI channel, with no commercials.
I agree. This channel was one of the ones that really made me want to get Voom. I was totally pumped about this channel.

The other day was awesome, where they ran Chainsaw massacre 1, 2 and 3 and then Jason takes manhatten. I was glued to the screen that whole day.
Yeah! Last weekend was awesome! Besides having TCM 1,2,3.. they had Evil Dead, Bride of Reanimator, Night of the Living Dead AND Dawn of the Dead! ALL in glorious HD! The other night they had on The Hills Have Eyes!
Definitely the main reason I went with VOOM! It would be nice to see some better choices on Cinema 10.. however, last night they had on Clockwork Orange! I think things will continue to get better over time...

new episode is showing now... sorry for the late alert but it features the great KING KONG. Anyone have seeing this one?
I wish they would have info on these shows, I haven't watched one yet because the info is always blank.
Sean has been great with posts on shows but I never seem to sync up with showtimes and miss out.

Ditto on Darrells comment.
Where are the program guides for the voom channels like Monster HD? I remember seeing them posted by Sean before. I love the Monsters HD Channel! I am waiting to see the zombie marathon that they are advertising, but they never give the date. Does anyone know the date of this? I really can't wait to see Night of the living dead, and Dawn of the Dead!
I saw part of another monsterama. I thought it was new since I haven't seen some of the documentary. I couldn't watch to the end as I had friends and family visiting.

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