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Jun 4, 2004
This is driving me nuts so I'm hoping someone here can help me with this.

TV (hereby known as TV)
Hitachi 43" widescreen HDTV projection "Monitor". On the back of the unit, it does not have DVI instead has component (red/blue/green)

SATELLITE RECEIVER (hereby known as SAT)
VOOM HD Receiver

AUDIO RECEIVER (hereby known as AUDIO)
Kenwood DTS/EQ 550 receiver.

I have the red/blue/green monster cables going from the TV to the SAT. I have the RED/WHITE (stop laughing please..I'm here looking for help) going from the TV to the AUDIO.

The result is my TV is nothing but a "MONITOR" and volume is controlled via the AUDIO as the AUDIO is a full fledged 5.1 digital SS receiver whereas the audio coming out of the TV is a piece of crap. Prior to getting SAT I had programmed my remote to control the audio, the tv and the sat all in one and I didn't have to switch from one unit to another.

WITH SAT, the SAT remote only controls the TV and the SAT. I now have to use the AUDIO remote control to turn it up and down/mute etc.

How do I plug the audio from the TV into the VOOM or AUDIO so the audio from the SAT goes THRU the AUDIO and yet I can use the SAT remote control to control the TV, AUDIO and SAT together?

Is this possible? Do I need to repost this and include photos of the back of my HD, AUDIO and SAT?


Thanks way in advance!!

You need to find a universal remote that will operate all three components. Also instead of red and white going to your audio receiver you need a Toslink optical connector so you can get the Dolby Digital 5.1 you say the unit is capable of. With red & white all you are sending is stereo.
Boba is right you do need a universal remote and toslink cable. Basically your AV receiver should be your central component in your system, not your TV. I am sure you have a DVD player and other equipment too. In my experience Sony make the best most cost effective remotes from home AV.

I have the Sony RM-VL900, it operates ALL my equipment which is a 55” RP Samsung widescreen, 5.1 & DTS Yamaha 420, JVC DVD, Hughes HTL-HD and Hughes HD Tivo & Voom. You can e-mail me if you like, I would be happy to help but we should keep it in here so others can share in your info too.

The Sony is not the oly fish in the ocean but I tried the pronto Neo and several other high-end programmable remotes and I liked the Sony the best

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