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Feb 15, 2004
Centennial, Colorado
I have an annoying problem with my Voom set-up and wanted to try this format for resolution. Used to have Dish Network, which was fed to a receiver and the signal was routed to other locations in the house. I replaced Dish with VOOM. The Voom satellite dish is fed to the Voom receiver, with a component hookup to a Pioneer 4340 and it works great. The installer then backfed the signal into the existing cables that had been used for Dish Network. All TV's got a signal, but it was bad due to multiple splitters rated at 900 mhz. I replaced the splitters with the diplexer that Voom gives you at installation time, attaching one of the backfed cables to the VHF/UHF input post, and now I get HD reception on a new HD LCD that I bought for an additional room. The sound is also good. Now--the problem. The HD picture is great, and the color is perfect, but the display freezes momentarily when watching the television. So the picture displays, then there's the hesitation, then picture, hesitation....etc. The same thing happens on a non HD tv in another room. I tried replacing the Voom diplexer with a TERK satellite splitter, but that didn't work at all. Any suggestions from the experts out there? The Voom diplexer is rated at 2.3 mhz.
No longer a problem

I posted the same message on the General Voom forum, and Sean Mota suggested unplugging the receiver and then plugging it back in. That resolved the jerky video problem. :yes

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