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Nov 25, 2003
Cancun, Mexico
Yesterday I sent $921 via Bank wire to www.vssll.com for the purchase of 2 811 receivers with overnight shipping. Up till that point, Tracy, whom I believe to be the companies owner, was very responsive, but as soon as the funds were sent he was unreachable.

I made an attempt to contact him via the numbers listed on the site, which previously worked) and was told they were out of service, or did not exist.

My question is, has anyone delt with this company? Any feedback would be appreciated.
Why would you ever wire anyone money ?

That is how all Scammers operate
$921 ??? For 2 811's ?

You can get it for $300 from dish and save $721

Always use a creditcard for online purchases cause the worst thing is you would be out $50
That is true, but as I am currently in Mexico, and do not own a Credit Card, a wire transfer was the only option.

I did a little research on the company, and Mr. Tracy Shepard before I sent the funds, he is envolved in many local charities in NC and he heads of a childrens rec association. I even phoned a few of the clients listed on their website and they confirmed that they did indeed use the companies services and were satisfied.

On their site is states they are an 'Authorized' Dish Retailer, anyway to verify this?
I couldn't take advantage of the $199 or $149 deal, it is a complicated story, but long story short I had to pay full price...
you could go to dishnetwork .com and see if there listed
Call Dish and find out, although if you in Mexico they can't legally send you the receivers as that is in violation of their contract. They could lose their franchise.

And wow $921 is a lot of spend for 811's.
Anyway to see the database without entering in a Zip code? Or is it possible that they are Authorized but not listed?
The receivers will be activated in the USA with a residential address.

I would call Dish, but a US based 800# cannot be dialed from here, can someone do me a big favor and call and check?
Nope we do not ship receivers to Mexico or Canada.

Cancunkev, Ahh not the price adds up. :) I have this $149 price drilled in my head.
I just got through via the # listed on the site, he tells me they will ship this afternoon, I will have to wait and see.

Thanks to everyone for your help, have a great holiday
Always pay with a CC online. Federal law says the most you can lose to fraud is $50, and you have the right to dispute charges.

I had relatives who didn't want to get a CC that could carry a balance; the standard green Amex card is a good option for these folks.
Hi cancunkev,

Let me know if he doesn't follow thru, I live less than 30 miles from the city listed on their werbsite.
Before anyone calls this person a scammer...

The money was only wired yesterday for shipment today. Today isn't even OVER yet and there is concern that the deal won't be consummated and the seller isn't responsive?!

Give the guy a few hours to get the thing out at least! Sheeeeeesh
I didn't want anyone jumping to conclusions, I just wanted to see if anyone had delt with this company before.

I realize that the money was just sent yesterday, but I was exchanging 5 to 10 emails daily before it was sent, and immediately after....nothing, that was my concern.

I don't think there is anything to worry about, but I will let everyone know the outcome.

Thanks again..
Before I got on Scotts waiting list for 921's (he didn't have this site at the time) I looked into them since they said they were doing a 921 list. The catch was they he wanted the money up front to get on the list, no way was I going to do that. He also wanted a check vs. charge since he said there was no real markup and I'd loose money on the credit card fees. While I was trying to get information on his deal he was very responsive to e-mails. For what it's worth. RAD
wanted a check vs. charge since he said there was no real markup and I'd loose money on the credit card fees. While I was trying to get information on his deal he was very responsive to e-mails. For what it's worth

Not saying that he's a Scammer but that is how they work .

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