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Nov 7, 2003
Has anyone else watched this miniseries? It’s on the Paramount Network.
Has anyone else watched this miniseries? It’s on the Paramount Network.
Yes, I liked it a lot. There were some complaints that Koresh was portrayed too sympathetically, but I can believe there had to be a high sense of humanity and (his) morality. Michael Shannon was excellent, as usual, as well as David Sparks and Shea Wigham...all three of them alumnus of Boardwalk Empire.
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My wife and I both said this show really made the ATF and FBI look very bad.

We liked it though! She thought they were spot on with casting Koresh’s character.

We both are from Texas and live in the Dallas area just about 100 miles from where this happened.
Revisionist history, make the bad guys sympathetic and make the good guys into the bad guys. :rolleyes:
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I thought it was a good mini series. I was too young to understand Waco when it happened, but have done some research over the years to see what it was all about. This is the 25 year anniversary, hence all of the TV specials. In two years it will be the 25 year anniversary of the event that was inspired by Waco, of course that would be the Oklahoma City bombing. Living near the area where the main perpetrator was born and grew up, this will be of more interest to me. I currently work with three people who knew the perpetrator. One grew up three or four houses down from him, one served with him in the Army and one was a distant relative though marriage. All of these people had extensive interviews with the FBI and US Marshalls in the weeks following the bombing.

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