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Oct 5, 2017
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I have a Wally receiver with a Winegard RTS-40B Satellite Dish system on an RV. It has been working great for a few months. That changed a couple days ago...

The dish allows me to watch all the channels. No problems. When I change channels that requires a satellite change - everything works as it should. I get to the new channel just fine. I can watch previously recorded shows just fine. If I want to record a show on the channel that I'm currently viewing - that works as well. If I set up a future recording on the currently viewed channel, it works as expected.

The problem is when I set up the DVR to record a future show on a channel that is not the currently viewed channel. The dish rotates to the new satellite to get the signal; but it never shows up (Complete Loss of Signal error). This ONLY happens when the channel changes in the process of starting a DVR recording session.

If I go to the settings screen and check the status of the receiver - the channel becomes available in just a few seconds (seems like the Winegard is pointing to the right place and receiving the signal as necessary).

On the status screen I have "System Status: Error" The only issue that is reported is: "Port 3: No signal."
The Satellite Signal Satus for 119, 110, & 129 have green checkmarks.

On the Dish screen, it is switch SW64 with all three satellites switch status next to green checkmarks.

When I go through the Send Status page and perform the Test Signal 12 steps for each of the satellites, they all come back as "Signal Tested" with a green checkmark.

The Winegard people tell me their system is working since I can get to all the channels via the Guide and that it is a receiver problem... Run around here I come!

What, if anything, can anyone make of this scenario? Thanks in advance.

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