Wally Software Update Issue? (1 Viewer)

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Dec 30, 2018
Bella Vista, Arkansas
On one of my RV forums a member is having an issue with their Wally after it updated the software to version U801. His issue is the signal strength dropped to low to receive a HD signal. He is in the same location where their Wally was working fine before the update. He is using the Playmaker automatic dish.

Has anyone here had this problem?

I have the Trav'ler and I still have the U449 version.
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New Member
May 4, 2019
Grass Lake Michigan
I'm having similar issues after the update. A message will randomly come on telling me I'm not authorized for that channel even though I am and was watching it for a while. It will also get stuck on "Acquiring Signal" and also get stuck at 33% when I click on "Check Status". Getting frustrated.
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Sep 25, 2007
The only way i could the bedroom wally to work at all again since april 24 is to do a master resert . Then i could watch for awhile .But next day same issues all over again.
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