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Jun 14, 2014
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Since Wally software releases usually don't get their own threads around here, I figured I should start one. I noticed this issue while scrolling through my guide today. On OTA channels, programs that should have the little left-arrow next to the title (indicating that the program starts before the time-slot currently being displayed) are missing that arrow. The satellite-delivered listings are fine, though. Here is an example:

Notice that in this shot, the guide starts at 1:30 PM. The show Food: What Should I Eat? (which started at 12:30 PM) does not have the left-arrow on WRLM OTA and WEAO OTA. (Also notice that the guide for WRLM OTA is incorrectly mirroring the guide for WEAO instead of the guide for the satellite-delivered WRLM. This is a separate issue.) For the satellite-delivered locals, I have noticed the opposite problem. By scrolling to the right through the guide, I have gotten the left-arrow to appear for shows that actually do start in that time-slot. Notice the left-arrows next to both Batwoman and Prophecy USA, both of which start at 8:00 PM, the time-slot at the beginning of the guide in these pictures:


This issue with the satellite-delivered local listings does not appear consistently, though. Farther right in the guide, I was unable to reproduce it.

If anyone spots any other issues with the most recent Wally software, this is the (unofficial) thread to report them.
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