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  1. Tune in WION this weekend on the air or on the web in REAL AM STEREO:
    CBS news at the top of each hour, music and info 24/7...PLUS:

    SATURDAY 8 AM: The Twilight Zone Radio Dramas, "Ten Days" Starring Ned Bellamy.

    Saturday at 11 AM: Edwards' Archives takes us to November 4, 1966 in music.

    Saturday from 6-9 PM: Barry Scott's Lost 45's with more of his "Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Interview Series" and Frankie Valli.

    Sunday at 8 AM: Pastor Ken Harger's "Message from the Lighthouse" is: "Two Powers-Persistence and Patience".

    Sunday from 9 to 11 AM: Retro Stars, the 80's Show with Dave Stewart.

    Sunday 3PM: Encore presentation of Edwards' Archives
    Sunday 8PM: Encore presentation of Twilight Zone Dramas.
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