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Don W

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Aug 6, 2019
This is my first post, need some advice please, I have been reading the posts but have not as yet gotten my questions satisfied.

I have not dropped DTV yet, will do so soon.

I would like a Hopper for my house for one TV to record favorite programs.

Can the hopper be moved to my 5th wheel, and using RG-6 from the antenna to the SAT IN port on the RV work?

I want to use a dish antenna on a tripod, I have an XR-3 bird dog, so alignment would not be an issue.

Thanks in advance to your answers

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Jul 20, 2005
Northern VA
Welcome aboard!

Yes, you can carry it back and forth.

Insist on a Hopper 3. Might as well get the most current non-crippled model.

As to the RV wiring- This is very dependent upon how it was wired. If it says “SAT IN” I believe you can count on it being a straight run, and being RG-6. I had to drill a connection in my old RV, as it had a splitter and amp in the line. Meant for OTA.

If where you camp has good Internet, you can leave the Hopper at home, and use Dish Anywhere to watch anything on it.

Aiming a dish for the Hopper shouldn’t be much worse than for the old 110/119 dish I used to use. It will be a little larger.

If you want to go cheap, and a couple satellite tuners are enough, consider a Wally and an EHD.

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