WCVB in boston makes a gaff....


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Jul 8, 2005
5-2 is supposed to be a simple doppler radar....

Well apparently no one is at the place because there's a Norton Antivirus notice to renue a subscription...this wouldn't be so bad but it's a 2005 version! :D
I get the feeling that the weather broadcasts on subchannels aren't a high priority with many stations. Our local NBC station has weatherPlus. During the local segment the meteorologist said, "We're here 24 hours a day whether you want it or not." A few days later "Ragweed" was spelled "Ragweek", and my favorite was a 7 day forecast where Tuesday's high was to be 575 degrees. I grabbed an image of the 575 degree mistake and am sending it to friends as proof of global warming.l:)
Here's the 575 degree forecast.


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I was thinking of hijacking this thread but I 'll start my own.

Reason why I posted it here becuz I was wondering/hoping that the starter of this thread would be notified by e-mail... I know weird!

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