WD Essential USB 3 1TB MyBook EHD w/backup mini-review (1 Viewer)


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This was bought to serve as a backup for a laptop.

Supposed to work with USB 2 or USB 3. Nope. I plugged it into a brand new ASUS N53S laptop that has a built in USB 3 port. USB 3 driver is current. I updated the WD s/w. Basically, after less than 5 minutes it will "disappear" and not be seen by the computer. And if you have the WD s/w up, the Backup and Restore tabs instantly grey out. Only fix is to cycle power to the EHD or unplug/replug the USB cable.

Surprisingly, I was able to reach a person to discuss the problem. This guy is no doubt working his way up to one day qualify to be a Dish level 1 CSR, if you get my drift. After I described the problem and stated it was with a Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit laptop, he asked me which operating system. Sigh. He also wanted to know if I was wiggling the cable when it disappeared. And that the laptop was plugged in, not on battery. He later went on to say there was a known issue that if you plugged the EHD into a UPS, it would shut down after 3 minutes, so you MUST plug it directly into a wall socket. This was, shall we say, the moment when getting a fix was no longer top of my agenda. Getting off the phone was.

His only suggestion was to return it to the store for an exchange. Oh yeah, high probability of that solving the problem. I've plugged it into a USB 2 port, against his protests, and it appears to be working there.

On the plus side, it does seem to work well and invisibly with the constant backup, on USB 2. UI is nice.

I've got a 2TB version of this at home to try out. Hope it likes the PC USB 3 better, but it's also an ASUS motherboard. Maybe I'll take this one home and test it, so the other can be returned for CASH if it doesn't work out.

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