Weather related Satellite signal loss places a notification

atop OTA programming that I can’t get rid of.

Any ideas...

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What software version? I seem to recall another thread where the poster had the same problem but said it was cured by the U522 H3 download.

I use MultiView most of the time and haven't had any such notifications when bad weather wipes out the satellite signals. The OTA just plays on uninterrupted.
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U705 as of August 29th - hopper with sling

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No - in fact changing to another ota yielded the same results.

Also, though not visible from the screen shot, the programming is slightly greyed out.

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THANK YOU! Someone else that feels my pain. I thought I was going nuts seeing things. Dish screwed the pooch somehow someway this time. Stop messing with my OTA.

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Well, at least give Dish credit for taking responsibility and trying to find good homes for all of the mutant hybrid kangaroo puppies. Hmm...maybe that should be Dish's new mascot! :D

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