Weird issue with 4k Joey and networking (created network loop) (1 Viewer)


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My 4k Joey is connected via Wired network.
Due to the location, my Hopper3 runs on wireless

My home Router/Firewall is physically connected to my APs and a switch, then there is another switch connected to the Joey downstream in my entertainment center (I prefer wired when I can)

This morning, the 4k Joey was having issues with video; I was going to call Dish about it, but had to work (from home due to Covid 19).
My computer was having issues on the network/internet getting to the route.
I swapped out my switch, and had the same issues.

I disconnected my switch from the router, and I still had internet on my PC, which is connected to the switch.
Disconnected various devices from my switch, and found disconnecting the downstream switch in the entertainment center disconnected my internet
Tested devices on that switch, and when I disconnected the Joey from the physical network, the network disconnected again.

So, as far as I can tell, I had a network loop that was router->ap->hopper->joey->entertainment center switch->main switch->router.

This only started between last night and this morning.

Anyone else have any weird issues with network loops or with their Joey? Was there a recent update?

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