Weird Issues DVRing MLB Extra Innings


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Jun 23, 2023
We have a Hopper 3 at version H350. We subscribed to MLB Extra Innings (476.#) in order to get all Yankees games (channel 476.3). Because there's no way that I could find to create a timer to DVR all games on 476.3 I created a Seek timer to search all channels for "Yankees".

This works fine but sometimes the game is on 152 also. The it dvrs 152 and does a skip on 476.3. My wife dislikes the announcers on 152 so wo manually skip 152 which restores 476.3. I can verify on the DVR schedule this is the case.

Then we get home tonight and the game is not recorded. I go into the DVR schedule to see what happened and neither channels game is listed. What was on the schedule yesterday just disappeared! Never heard of scheduled DVR's being dropped nor skipped programs for that matter.

There should be a way to DVR all games on 476.3 without the above rig job and required manual intervention. Regardless, it shouldn't be arbitrarily dropping scheduled (or skipped) DVR events. Obvious bug.

Any thoughts out there? Sorry for the long winded post. Tried to be concise.

Lee E.
Unfortunately I have run into the same issue with the DVR. I don't have a Hopper, but the same thing is true on the VIP series. I will check in the morning to make sure something is set to DVR - the rule is there to record a program, I check the listings and I see the recording is scheduled, and I come back from work and nothing was recorded. The issue is often the electronic programming guide and the values behind the scenes that might have changed from what the DVR was looking for. Sorry I don't have an answer for you on that. The sports channels from the out of market packages are a little more complicated than the normal channels because of some behind the scenes changes that occur every night with those channels, so something there could have caused the recording to not happen.
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Some MLB games are streaming exclusives. So even with Extra Innings you won't get 100% of the games unless you also get Peacock and YouTube TV.