West Coast HD Feeds of HBO & Show on 148


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Oct 7, 2003
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I know HD feeds of HBO and Showtime left the wing 61.5 sat since they were moved to the main 110 sat a couple of months ago, but for some reason the HD feeds of HBO and Showtime are still remain on the other wing sat on 148. Instead of duplicating the same HD channels on the 148 sat that are on the 110, why doesn't DISH put the west coast feed of HD-HBO and HD-Showtime. It sure would be nice for people to watch on the west coast the Sopranos in HD at 9PM instead of 6PM now. It's not even dark yet and it's usually around dinner time. Not to mention that the Sopranos is not kid appropriate.

Other than the people who don't have line-of-sight in the east for the 148 or who have technical trouble picking a fourth sat signal, it sure would be great to see HBO and Showtime prime time HD offerings at a decent hour. I could see one problem for a few subscribers who have a Superdish and want HD-CBS NY and HD-HBO West, but there can't be that many out there. I don't see how this would cost DISH much more since they don't have immediate plans for more HD programming.

I guess what I really need is the 921 HD-DVR and an extra grand to pay for it and I wouldn't need a west coast feed, but since they're mostly unavailable and so are the funds, I don't have a choice but to watch at 6PM.

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