West of 129W?

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Jan 1, 2010
I'm in the process of choosing a place to put up a 1.2m motorized Ku dish and thought I'd ask if there was anything (worth seeing) west of 129? I'm in California with a good line of site as a friend thinks I should be able to see as far east as 58W if desired. There are definitely places which are easier than others less obtrusive so I'd like to figure things out which satellites I'd like/want in advance.


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Jul 14, 2009
I've been trying to reach some of the Pacific satellites, but to date have not had any luck with a similar setup(1.2 meter dish w/ DMX522 single linear Ku lnb).

I'm also here in California about 34N by 118W.

I have already been able to reach 58W, Intelsat 9, but the spotbeam I get is for Sky Mexico, scrambled. And then all that can be viewed are a few channel "mosaics". That was with 80 cm dish & single linear lnb.

Check out the footprint maps & charts @ satbeams.com/footprints.

It would be interesting to get one of the French Tahiti sats.:)
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Jan 8, 2005
There is nothing to see on Ku West of 129°. Galaxy 27 which is at 129° will be leaving soon. Ciel 2, the Dish Network satellite, is also located at 129° but is totally encrypted. I'm in California and I can see as far East as 58° West.
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