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Sep 23, 2007
I attempted to setup my 3abn dish, and motor again today with no luck. It sounds so easy to do when you read the setup guides online, but when I go outside to set this thing up no matter what I do I get 0% quality on both receivers. I turned the dish so that it was facing south just as the pdf file says to do. Then I set the motor latitude scale to 35. And then I set the dish elevation to 24 like the pdf file said to do, but I don't see how 24 could possibly be right because it causes the dish to point towards the ground. And after I did that I hooked the dish up to the receiver and attempted to receive 87w which is my true south satellite, but just like before nothing. It doesn't matter what I do to this thing, I can't pickup any channels. Could something possibly be blocking these satellites, because I have tried everything. However if that is not the case then there may be something wrong with the motor, because I bought it used off eBay. I really don't know what else could be wrong with this thing, so if anybody has any ideal what I'm doing wrong please tell me so that I can finally get this thing up and working.

Mr Tony

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Nov 17, 2003
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what is your location?
what motor are you using?

The latitude of the motor is the same latitude as you. So 35 latitude on the motor puts you in the southern US


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Sep 11, 2005
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can you post a picture of your setup? Sometimes it helps us all help you.


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Sep 23, 2007
Summertown, Tennessee 38483
SG-2100 motor
latitude 35.4
longitude 87.3
true south 87w


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May 14, 2006
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Make sure you have the receiver set to an active tp on 87. If not, you can point that dish till the cows come home and never see any quality. Try 11715 or 11736.

Also, you may have to adjust your dish elevation as most dishes are never 100% accurate with their elevation settings. I have a Winegard 2076 and my elevation is supposed to be 24.1, but it's set to 26.5. That's how far off it is. Each dish is different in that regard. Use a site like dishpointer.com to visually see where you should be pointing the dish. I can't tell you how much time that site saves me with friend's installs. Just be patient and you'll get it.


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May 6, 2005
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Your dish certainly should not be looking at the ground at true south. In New Orleans, with the same motor, mine looks like its looking at the horizon when I'm aimed at my farthest west satellite (148w). Sounds like something may not be assembled correctly. Can you post pictures? The SG-2100 should be installed with the shaft facing down.


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