What are my options for satellite service and a few technical questions.

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Apr 27, 2010
I am in zip code 54104 northeastern wisconsin. and have line of sight issues at new house because of trees. I am contemplating erecting a bracketed tower or some type of mast to get above trees. only like 25 feet or so. I currently have dish network and have been pleased with service but not the price. 24.99 for first year and like 110 ever since. My contract is up and my hunch is to switch to D*

I wish to have the best picture quality possible. I need suggestions on towers or mast, need to know which satellites direct tv use in my location, and dish network. My last house had line of sight issues and was pointing at other arc, minus hd locals. signal strength is only 39 and 41 110-119.Vip722k

I am not happy with current picture quality. I assume its signal strength and other arc related? I have a brand new vizio xvt series and my hd channels are blurry not crisp. I am a former time warner installer and all fittings and connections are legit. I only have three weeks left in current house and do not feel like making a service call to peak dish.

As of now I would like to try D* but the horror stories on the net scare me. But I am an HD junky and want the best.

whats best way to mount dish higher? what birds do each company point at so I can properly set up dishpointer? I like having new gadgets and I have been pretty unhappy with Dish 722k hddvr. recording shows is not as loaded with options as my old time warner or uverse. D* new boxes look cooler and seem like they would be more advanced. Please help. I will repost my dishpointer once I learn which birds to point at.

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