What are you using for a pellet grill/smoker?

I prefer the Kamado Joe series, currently the best selling kamado style (ceramic) smoker. Not a pellet stove, but more efficient. So over time you may come ahead on fuel.

I also have two Weber bullet smokers, unused. And an electric smoker, which I haven’t used in a couple of years.

But up front, $500 and up. And up. And UP! How big and how fancy?

Actually, I respect pellet smokers. But glad I went with the ceramic kamado style. If you consider these, look carefully and you will see the Big Green Egg is lacking in some features.

If you are set on pellet, more power to you. I will leave brands and models to folks more versed than I in this type cooker.
I started out with a Traeger Junior (2013) that I could take in my RV. I then went to a GMG Daniel Boone (2015). My current one is a SmokinBrothers PP36 (2021). As I got a new one it was more expensive. When Pit Boss first come out they were crap. But as I am seeing more and more of them they must be improving. For your budget Pit Boss may be your best option.
Pit Boss KC Combo
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