What dish do I have. 36" offset fiberglass


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Sep 4, 2004
Central NY State
I have a fiberglass offset satellite dish that is about 36"
It has one massive arm that looks to hold a LNB that might also could have sent and receive signals
It has these numbers on the back
Antenna size code # 25709
1032404-001 rev a
hope to upload picture soon
Looking to mount a KU LNB on this.
Should I try to get the orig feedhorn?

I should take one in the daylight

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ken2400 I think it is 1m Prodelin. Very nice mount... allows to fine-adjust Azimuth, Elevation and Skew of whole antenna. If you do not have original feedhorn do not be in hurry to get one, first try simple universal Ku-band LNB. The simplest way how to install LNB is to make special holder for it. Such a holder gives possibility to adjust position of the LNB in all possible ways. But before you jump to tune antenna I would advice to find out find out exactly (with the precision up to 1mm) position of the focal point. You also need to know offset angle of this antenna (that will be something about 16-17*). IMG_20180911_081722 (Large).jpg IMG_20190809_095515 (Large).jpg

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