What do you all think of This?

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Aug 13, 2006
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I'd suspect you'd have the same sort of problems you have if you try to aim a Dish 500 that comes with two lnbs... I had one for about 2 weeks that someone gave me through freecycle. Tried catching a few of the freebie echostar channels on 110/119 - had all sorts of problems getting skew just right to get both birds at once, so I gave up, and that's right around the time I went ahead and ordered a motor and the winegard. Much easier to aim a motor at one bird and let it do the arc for you... even if it's mechanical, which means it could give out someday... but at least motors are easy to replace and are not all that pricy.
i thought the same , looked neat (something to tinker with)
but i thought i would get a couple of
projects taken care of. then try a couple of things

lnb bracket
c - band feedhorn bracket (discussed in another thread)

only problem i have with the motor is multiple receivers (which i don't have ) but might like to add in the future
using those for DBS would be fine but KU would take a LOT of precision aiming to get decent signals. Once you are off the center focal point, the signals go down.
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