What happened to the high scores?

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Sep 8, 2003
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It looks like all of the high scores and times played have been reset to 0.

What happened?
All the high scores are still there for me. Not sure what you saw. I just checked on it and the scores that were there this morning are still there.

If it's still happening can you post a screen shot of what you're seeing?

I can't do a screen grab.

An example, I logged on yesterday to play a few minutes (I had played almost every game at least 1 time) I noticed that I did not have any scores showing for ANY game. I was Stick Fighter champ for several weeks, I checked my scores for Stick Fighter and it showed I haven't played before. The times played counter showed 4. I know it was much higher than that.

Another example, Bubble Trouble's times played shows 1. With Sondoro being the only person having played.
You can't do a print screen and paste into paint to save to a file?

I looked at both games and I have noticed something strange.

Scott, can you take a look at this? Did the forum software upgrade do anything strange to the arcade?
Not very pretty, but here is the bottom half of game page 2. Note how few times these games are showing played. I know the counters were much higher last week.

I also know that I have played most of these at least once. It is now showing that I do not have any score recorded.

Slack Man
Times played: 26
Click here to play
with a score of 236500
[High Scores] Click to Play! Collect all the snacks before the boss catches you slacking

Best Score Ever: sdc catches 236500 points at 1:23pm Jul 9

Shield Shot
Times played: 4
Click here to play
with a score of 29250
[High Scores] Click to Play! Target shooting game.

Best Score Ever: Tifosi catches 33250 points at 4:52pm Jun 24

Times played: 4
Click here to play
with a score of 1240
[High Scores] Click to Play! Its time to shoot some bad guys in this anamie style shooter.

Best Score Ever: bkos catches 5650 points at 8:47pm Jun 27

Mili & Tary Snow
Times played: 17
Click here to play
with a score of 740
[High Scores] Click to Play! Bat your friend as far as you can. A game based on the yeti series..

Best Score Ever: Neutron catches 740 points at 11:24pm Jun 4

Mili & Tary HG
Times played: 32
Click here to play
with a score of 754
[High Scores] Click to Play! Bat the grenade as far as you can. A game based on the yeti series..

Best Score Ever: DEERHUNTER catches 754 points at 3:42pm Jun 5

Jason's Pong
Times played: 11
Click here to play
with a score of 26765
[High Scores] Click to Play! A single player pong game with a bonus incentive.

Best Score Ever: vinnyv07 catches 26765 points at 1:56pm Jul 1

Dick Quick's Island Adventure
Times played: 10
Click here to play
with a score of 95
[High Scores] Click to Play! Dick has crashed his plane into the sea. You must find a way to get help and escape from paradise.

Best Score Ever: kanuc catches 95 points at 7:25pm Jul 11

Times played: 2
Click here to play
with a score of 300
[High Scores] Click to Play! Guide the ball around the course within the time limit in this classic maze puzzle game.

Best Score Ever: rrb catches 312 points at 5:38pm Jun 29

Times played: 2
Click here to play
with a score of 33800
[High Scores] Click to Play! Galaxians type shoot-em-up game.

Best Score Ever: aperry catches 88000 points at 12:23am Jun 11

El Emigrante
Times played: 6
Click here to play
with a score of 3999
[High Scores] Click to Play! Avoid the police for as long as you possibly can!

Best Score Ever: rrb catches 7132 points at 7:27pm Jun 24

Cutie Quake
Times played: 20
Click here to play
with a score of 430
[High Scores] Click to Play! The rules are simple.. Shoot anything that moves and don't get shot!

Best Score Ever: VLADIMIR catches 430 points at 11:15am Jul 9

Times played: 6
Click here to play
with a score of 15220
[High Scores] Click to Play! Kill the bad cells and cure your patient before the time runs out.!

Best Score Ever: sdc catches 21040 points at 9:55am Jun 22
The service is set to (or is supposed to) clear the high scores once a month. The All Time High Scorer for each game however remains. When it does this it also resets the total times a game has been played.

I need to look and figure out why it did not run on the 1st like its supposed to.

I THINK that is what happened here. :)

I am currently also going through all he code for the enire site by hand and am getting ready for the big server move on Saturday. :)
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