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Hey everyone!

I am really looking forward to Monday Night's Charlie Chat... Chat here at SatelliteGuys.US!

As you may have seen on our homepage we are going to be giving away some great prizes durring our chat!

Our Friends from Sirius Satellite Radio have sent us a couple of huge boxes of Sirius SWAG to give away plus they have also given us two ceritifcates each good for A FREE SIRIUS RADIO and 6 month of FREE Sirius Service!

Another great prize we will be giving away includes a Dish Network Team Summit Prize Pack, this prize (given by me) includes lots of cool items picked up at Team Summit including things like a ESPN-HD Baseball Hat, a TNT Water Bottle, a limited edition TNT Matchbox car and lots more!

Plus if you have been with us in prior chats you know our friends from DishStore.NET get nuts and give away Dish Network receivers, Accessories, DVD's and more! We have no idea what DishStore.NET is going to give away, but we know it will be good!

To be eligible to win you need to be a registered SatelliteGuys member and need to be in our SatelliteGuys Chat Room on Monday Night! Prize giveaways start at 9:00PM, we will draw randon winners about every 4 minutes. We will announce the winner drawn in the chat room, that Winner has 60 seconds to shout out "I love SatelliteGuys" or "Bingo", or something like that to let us know you are indeed there, and the prize is yours! It's that simple.

The winners will be picked at Random, and the judges decission is final. Limit 1 prize be username per night, all past winners are once again eligible to win. As always SatelliteGuys.US staff members are not eligible to win prizes. (Sorry guys)

See you on Monday Night!
Ok lets update this as many people have emailed and PM'ed me asking what the "Team Summit Prize Pack" contains.

The Team Summit Prize pack contains items which were given to me during the 2004 Team Summit in Dallas Texas. All items are NEW and never worn (except for my credentials)

I got to go to Team Summit and took home the memories, but one lucky SatelliteGuys member will take home the prize stash! :)

So here is just SOME of what is in the prize pack
  • NickToons Program Sampler DVD
  • Limited Edition TNT - NBA All Star Game Matchbox Like Car
  • William Hung - Inspiration CD Courtesy of FUSE
  • TNT Insolated Water Bottle
  • Package of STARZ! Gold Chocolate Coins
  • HSN - Beenz Digital Egg Timer
  • ESPN-HD Hat (With embroidered Dish Network logo on the back of the hat)
  • Sirius Satellite Radio Hat
  • Dish Network "Stop Feeding The Pig" T Shirt
  • Starz! Pirates of the Caribbean T Shirt
  • Applied Telcomm T Shirt
  • Dish Network Pen
  • Buzztime Lightup Pen
  • Fox Sports 2004 Calendar
  • My personal lanyard with my credentials for Team Summit
  • Soap Net Lip Balm
  • Plus a lot more!!


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Our good friends at Sirius are excited about having their Music Channels as part of the Dish Network Lineup!

The celebrate the addition of Sirius Music to Dish Network our friends from Sirius Satellite Radio have give us 2 Gift Certificates to give away plus they gave us a bunch of Sirius Prize Packs to give to our members!

Each Certificate is good for a FREE Sirius Satellite Radio, PLUS 6 Month of Sirius Radio Service for FREE! (A $290 value!) And each of our certificate winners will also get a Free Sirius Prize Pack as well!!

Our first Sirius Certificate will be given away at 9:15PM, the Second Certificate Winner will be announced at 9:45.

As I mentioned Sirius also gave us a bunch of Sirius prize packs to give away! And we will be giving them away all chat long!

The Sirius Prize Pack contains a Sirius "censorship_OFF free speech_ON" T-Shirt, a Sirius Hat and a Sirius Pen!

Our Thanks to our friends from Sirius for the GREAT prizes!!

Again the rules to win are simple they are in the first message above.


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I would post pictures of what our Friends from DishStore.NET are going to give away, but if you have been in our chats you know that you never know what Claude will decide to giveaway!

Our thanks to DishStore.NET for making every monthly chat we hold an exciting event!

Good luck to all!
No you don't again read the rules ini the first message at the top, it explains how to win there. :D (I will give you a hint, you need to be in the chat) :D
1 question, Are they drawing names from all 7000 registered members??? Won't that be time consuming?
No we are drawing names from people who are in the chat room. :)

Of course the longer you are in the chat room the more chances you have to win.

It's going to be a great time!
scott, tell me if you agree here, I think the main charlie chat topics will be: sirrius, nbr, tv guide channel and the existing customer lease offer that is to start this month. I'm also thinking tv guide channel will start this week. any thoughts?
I am taking a guess that each person is only allowed to win once.

I am also going to take a guess that there may be some news for those that do not read the message boards but to us it will already be old news that we have already heard here first.
Well I just know that I will win one of the Sirius gift packs. I almost had my wife talked into getting a Sirius system but at the last minute she had to pay a bill. Imagine that I just don't understand what goes thru a womans mind. Paying bills over a Sirius radio and setup :no

Our chat here at SatelliteGuys starts around 8:30pm, with the Giveaways and the real chat starting at 9PM EST. :)

Good luck again to everyone!
I hope to join everyone for the chat tonight from the local hospital if they have wifi or internet access. My wife thinks she is going into labor with our second child right now. She is waiting for the doctor to call back. If I can't make it, have fun with the give aways. Hopefully I will be in attendance.
Can someone post a link of where I can download the Java program to get into the chat? I downloaded from and it still won't work!
Hey Gang just to update everyone who won prizes, the prizes have started shipping!

I am mailing a few out each day to prevent killing the mail man. :) I hope to have them all out by Saturday.

Below is a list of all Monday Night's Prize Winners! Congrats to everyone who won!

The following members won Sirius Prize Packs (Consisting of a Hat, Tshirt and Pen courtesy of Sirius Satellite Radio)

Bob Murdoch

The following people won a Sirius Satellite Radio with 6 months free service AND a Sirius Prize Pack (Courtesy of Sirius Satellite Radio)


The Winner of the $25 DishStore.NET Gift Certificate was AWAX

The Winner of the Team Summit Prize Pack (Donated by Scott Geczkowski) was Sapient

The Winner of the Dish 311 receiver donated by DishStore.NET was SAEmike (From way up in Alaska!)

The Winner of the Dish 721 receiver donated by DishStore.NET was angiodan

Congrats to all our winners!

Thank you again goes to Sirius Satellite Radio and our friends from DishStore.NET! Please support those who support us!!

Thanks again everyone for a great chat, and congrats to all!!
I live in northern MN and was wondering when we will get the same local programing package that Directv offers?Right now Directv offers at least 3 more local channals then
Dish offers.Sorry to say that if programing isen't changed i'll be switching providers when my contract runs out.
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