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Dishman Dan

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Jun 22, 2008
Stayed in the house!!! :D

The snow has almost been non existant until tonight! We are getting pounded with "lake effect" snow and I will have to deal with it in the morning! :eek:
Check out our local radar. Google " WJET TV 24 weather " and watch the radar loop. The weather channel radar does not pick us up too good due to our geography. The weather gal is talking at least a foot and a half of frozen sunshine! Sorry I could not figure how to post the link! :eek: (TOO tired!)

Mr Tony

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Nov 17, 2003
Mankato, MN
This morning, for the first time this cold season, I had to scrape frost off of my car's windshield...:p

cold? What was the temp in Arizona? 31? :p

Lets see...in the last few days here
swept off the dish farm under 7 inches of snow
got the fixed dish out in front of the garage unstuck (damn thing froze to the asphalt)
peaked the dish at 99W
will snow rake around the dishes....had lots of wind so there isnt much around them

balmy 5 today...wind chill of -22 :D

I work on the dish farm until its too cold for me.....which is usually when the portable heater in the garage cant keep the TV warm enough in there to work for more than 5 minutes...so thats -20 or so :)
Funny part is that TV wont die.

I wont go on the roof now due to the snow but god forbid a LNB blows you can bet my ass will be on there. Pour hot water on the roof to clear the snow so I can climb on and replace a part

yes I am crazy :D:D:D


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Feb 13, 2008
North of "Upstate NY"
Made room in the garage today so I could park the truck inside.

Taped 2 broom handles together to sweep snow off the dish.

Shoveled the flat roof off.

Right now listening to wind just HOWL outside.

Time to go stoke the fire and go to bed!


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Dec 26, 2006
After reading all this, I can see I have NOTHING to complain about! I can't recall how long its been around my area when the temperature hit single digits, thankfully. And if fizbi's motor works in that kind of cold, my DG380 shouldn't have a problem lol.


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Jan 31, 2009
Southeastern Arizona
Yesterday morning I had to put my shades and wide brim on to keep the sun off my face when I went on the roof to check the 90 cm for wind damage. It's fine and the big dish didn't budge either. Must have finally got the clamp bolts too-tight enough....we had BIG winds here Monday/Tuesday. The winter storm warning for the mountains of SE Arizona was wrong as usual. All we got was some rain. I can always tell when it's going to snow here by looking out the window. Highs in the mid 50s today.


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Sep 8, 2008
Cavalier, North Dakota
The town has put up xmas lights, looks like a Currier & Ives card. Got out my coveralls, had to hammer down the aluminum threshold at the shop as the frost had raised it causing the door to stick. Still warm for December at -13F, might start plugging the truck in soon. The dishes and such are fine with the new cable & conduit put in last fall.


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Apr 2, 2008
Northern Kentucky
It is 17 degrees at 7 am...supposed to go up to a very balmy 38. I have one dish (and pole) knocked over from the 55 MPH winds. Some dishes are out of alignment, I'll try to get to them today. Supposed to get a heatwave Saturday of around 44 degrees.


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May 6, 2005
Metro New Orleans, LA
Haven't been able to work on the dishes out in the yard for the past week or so due to rain and flooding. The good thing is that I was able to verify that the flooding wouldn't come close to the new cable runs or the wooden pallets the dishes are on. Temperatures are not a problem, we're due for upper 30s to low 40s throughout the forecast period.


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What have I done lately to deal with the weather?

Not much, but I did have to drive my dish to the east this morning, was shaking something awful in the high winds we are getting today.

Luckly no snow has stuck to the dish yet!


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Sep 3, 2004
Roseville, CA
To deal with this crazy winter weather in Sacramento, CA, I:

  • Quit driving the convertible
  • Drove the F-350
  • Turned on the windshield wipers

This Northern California winter weather is so terrible!


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Sep 22, 2005
L.A., Calif.
This Northern California winter weather is so terrible!
OMG! - - :D - That's the best answer to this thread I could imagine!

Thank goodness someone spoke up for the terrible weather we Californians have to put up with.

Down here in the south of California, I just -
- don't go out in the light sprinkles. The idiots on the road have no experience with rain and are dangerous! :eek:
- put on a long-sleeve T-shirt for the first time this year
- occasionally wear full-length pants when I go out, instead of shorts
- oh, and don't consider working on the dishes after sun-down. - :cool:
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