What is red button on rc73

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Jul 8, 2012
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On my new remote the rc73 there is a red button with an R in the center of it (record), but under that is a single red button with no letter or anything on it, what is that button for????
The red button is different based on what menu you are in, most commonly it is used for delete.

The older remotes had 4 color buttons with different functions, most were rarely used so DirecTV reduced it to one color button.
I really like this RC73 remote, I like the placement of the buttons and the way it sits in my hand, I only wish I could turn my receiver on and off not just control the volume.
the red button will also pull up the score guide on select channels (espn, etc). it'll pop up within 30s of changing the channel with a message that says "(red button) Scoreguide". if your genie is connected to the internet you can just press the right arrow on any channel to pull up the apps, and the scoreguide will be there too.
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