What is the difference between the "standard" and the .8 f/d reflectors?

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  1. The Prodelin 1194 has a .8 f/d ratio and a low cross polarization. I am considering getting one, but want to make sure that I do not make a mistake.

    I was just wondering if that would be better or worse for reception in the lower Ku band? I am trying to use it for Shaw Direct's Extended Ku band on G1.

    Would the low cross polarity help or make it worse?
  3. Offset dishes usually range between .5 and .8. For single satellite reception, the higher F/D could provide better sidelobe rejection with a matching feed. Just make sure that you use a scalar/feedhorn matched to this F/D ratio.

    The better the cross polarity rejection, the better the SNR and potential for better signal quality. Once again, if paired with a matched feed.
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  4. Is this being used for the just the one satellite reception with separate dishes for the each of their satellites?
  5. I am using it just for the 107.3 location.
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