Where to purchase Stab HH-90?

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  1. I finally ordered a GSP 90 cm. dish and also want to order a Stab HH-90 motor.

    Are there any vendors here that sell them?

    I searched, and it looked like several folks here purchased from "Electorica" on Ebay. Electorica offers shipping from Canada and NY. Which did you guys choose? From Canada is a little cheaper, but I'm not sure if there is extra hastle, delays or costs going that route.

    I read where one individual's order arrived damaged from being shipped in a flat rate envelope and one person said there order was packed in a nice sturdy box. I'm thinking that the one in the Flat Rate was from the US and the one in the box was shipped from Canada....Just trying to save some hassle from damage in deciding whether to order from Canada or US....the savings isn't worth the difference either way.

  3. I believe Rick's Satellite sells them, I don't have the link to his page available now.
  4. Thanks....I called him last year to order a receiver and he was an ass. He also wants $104 delivered versus $89. It looks like there are only two shows in town though.
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  5. It's branded different but pretty much the same thing.

  6. Just because a Hyundai has four wheels doesn't make it a Ferrari.

    STAB does not OEM motors and isn't the same thing as a Chinese factory unit. Not putting down this motor, but it isn't a STAB.
  7. There are numerous ones offered on ebay. I bought mine from electorica and it arrived safe and sound in a box. No extra cost, no significant delays. I bought it on the 3rd of the month and received it on the 7th.

    Stab hh90-1s.jpg
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  8. Thanks....Did you buy from their "Ships from Canada" listing?
  9. Shipped direct from Canada.
  10. I have one I used for testing. It is in the original box and I have not used it more than a few times. I would sell it as it is collecting dust in storage, but I know I will never set it up again. Interested? I am in Southern Ontario Canada.
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