What is your favorite holiday?


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Dec 12, 2012
Since Halloween is coming up at the time of this posting, I thought we could all post our personal favorite holiday! Now please don't get anal and say things similar to Halloween (or whatever minor holiday) is not a holiday since it's not recognized by the government, and don't go "it's not a 'holy day', because technically it's still a holiday and is celebrated by many people. So as in saying that, you are free to mention ANY HOLIDAY, even if very minor and/or out of the mainstream, like Arbor Day for example. Birthdays count too! Even if it's not yours. I don't even care what religion your holiday belongs to either. You are also free to mention it if you celebrate just religiously, or just secularly, or if you celebrate it both ways. I'm going to be pretty liberal with allowing what you pick. I don't even care if I'm offended by what you mention. Since all that has been said, I'll state mine... Christmas Eve.
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