What new HD channels should Dish add?


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Apr 5, 2004
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If you could send Charlie a list of HD channels you most want:
*TNT HD (when Available)
*Bravo HD
*More HD network feeds(ABC, NBC, Fox, etc.)
*Starz HD
*Max HD
*Encore HD

I Know Charlie and VP of programming don't consider HD feeds of existing
SD premium channels "compelling and unique" but I think it adds great value
to a movie package.
That's basically the list

TNT-HD is the big one for me, It will have the compelling content that they're talking about with sports, certain shows and events.

Bravo-HD has unique content, the only problem is that their program loop is only like 6 hrs long.

Charlie and D* are actually working on the Network HD feeds but that's up to congress to vote on, but it would only benefit about like 2% of the people anyways....

And the premium stations would only benefit those with the prespective packages, and it is true that all those stations show in HD is movies, unlike HBO which has orignal shows like The Sopranos and Deadwood, and Showtime has special events like concerts and fights.

When Echostar launches the 2nd spotbeam at 110 that'll free up 5 transponders that could be used for HD...
I would say my list is:

Starz! HD
Cinemax HD
Encore HD
INHD 1 and 2

In that order, too... What would that take? 3 transponders? But by then, there will be a lot more HD out there...
INHD 1 and 2
Cinemax HD
Encore HD
Starz! HD

This would be sooooo cool!! Yea Yea i know i am dreaming!! :shocked

Oh yea i would love the LOCAls also if anybody that did not get a HD local feed could get them!! Not just in the O&O area!!

If Dish does not announce additional HD content soon, I'm dropping them. Voom has been sooo nice this past month.
I want the MonsterHD that Voom has which I found out is not being produced by Voom but just has a exclusive with Voom for a year like Playboy has.
I agree with the Networks...

I want


Many of us are with DISH because a) the local cable company doesn't have HD offerings (or as few as DISH) or b) they have antenna/reception issues or WAF issues with the mounting of an OTA antenna...

Yeah I know about the congressional issues, but if Dish/DTV is going to make it, they will have to have a similiar offering to digital cable and without the national HD feeds, this will be a problem.
yes i can't get nothing ota cause of my location..Currently getting cbs-hd..I wonder why they offer cbs-hd but none of the other channels in hd
I want SciFi in HD and ABC. I get the rest of the nets in HD, ABC is owned by Sinclair and everyone knows their position on HD. Cheap A**holes. Oh yeah, I would like CMax in HD.
I'd gladly pay $10-15 a month for the HD movie channels in a package together, but I know this is extremely unlikely to be offered...
Living here in AZ my family and I watch mainly the big networks NBC, CBS, ABC, FOX in primetime and now the HD channels. Were grand fathered for the East and West coast feeds, which according to NAB were getting illegally. We may be losing them also if they get there way. Local NBC and CBS is in (480) DTV and not impressed with quality of signal and the VHF analog is poor but watchable. Local CBS won't give waivers and never will according to them. I want the networks, Sci-Fi, Discovery channels, PBS all in HD. The list could go on and would be willing to pay more. I think we will have them eventually, but my wife and I will be old to enjoy them. We have the technology and it seems like there always dangling the carrot in front of us.
'without the national HD feeds, this will be a problem"

If I were Charlie I would sell out now. Congress will never give him HD network feeds.
New HD channels

They should worry about fixing the 811 first, so we have something to watch these imaginary channels on.

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