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Apr 2, 2006
I've been looking inot getting a flat panel TV for my home. The room it would be in is approx. 290 square feet or 17x17. I have one big bay window in the room that's approx. 5'x4' that doesn't get direct sunlight. I've been looking at TV's in the size range of about 40-46 inches. I'm not sure as to go with LCD of Plasma. It won't be used for any computer stuff and only some ocasional gaming. Buget is less than $3000 way less if possible. I was looking at a LG 42PX5D. The main viewing would be movies and digital cable. I'd like to upgrade to HD at some point. The distance sitting from the TV would be approx 10-12 feet away. Any input would be great. Thanks
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Apr 4, 2004

And what is your seating distance from screen? A 42"-46" set sounds small for a 17' long room. Will this be your main TV?


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May 18, 2004
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Get a Sanyo PLV-Z series (or counterpart) HD FPTV 75" - 119" with a DaLite HC Matte HDTV screen; less than $2300. No need to worry about light control unless you have the sun blazing in a window in front on the screen that you can't cover (which would just be due to laziness). Ceiling mounted the projector takes up less than a cubic foot of total space and NO FLOOR SPACE and the screen is much flatter than any plasma or LCD "flat screen". If you ever move the FPTV can expand and contract to fit your needs without having to buy something else.


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