What the crap is going on?

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My satelliteguys.us experience today is in some sort of outline format. I have no idea why, I did not change anything. Am I the only one experiencing this?
Maybe this is PDA mode. This happens no matter what I choose in the dropdown.

I was going to try to upload a jpeg of what I am seeing but I can't find the advanced option.
mine's fine maybe you put yourself in threaded mode?

on the bar right before the thread starts, click display modes and select linear
see attachment


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BFG: I don't see that option.

I started a new thread and uploaded what I'm seeing. The "advanced" menu is there when I create it the first time but only "quick reply" from then on.
Whatever it is, it persists though I deleted all temp files and cookies.
You broke the site? :D

Fine here.

I thought it might have been PDA mode, but when I switched to it, it did not look anything like that.
It was working till sometime today. I haven't changed, added, installed, rebooted or anything else that I can think of.

I just tried it on a different computer. Maybe mine has become infested with something. Come to think of it I remember going to one site today that launched a popup but that's the only abnormal thing I've seen today.
It appears to me you are using IE7, it would not surprise me if that is where the problem is/was, it has numerous rendering issues, it almost looks like a RSS type of render.
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Again if you are seeing PDA mode and did not select it please post which browser you are using so I can fix the issue. :)
Well apparently a website I visited today downloaded something Symantec calls "Spyware.ActivmonAgent" and that was causing the problem. It's quarantined and the site is acting normally again.

Somehow it got past the IE7 popup blocker and the realtime AV scan.
Scott, this issue is resolved, feel free to merge the two threads and close if you like.
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