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Tonight we have updated the our Arcade to the latest version.

Here is whats new and what is changed...

New Feature:
* compatible to new ibProArcade-Games with integrated cheat-security
* automatic Remind- and Disqualify-System in Tournaments (after x days, setup via AdminCP)
* Notification-System in AdminCP: turn each notification on/off and edit its messagetext including variables
* integrated Debug-Mode for faster support (displays 4 vBulletin-Settings + ibProArcade-Version to developer)

Bugs fixed:
* cheating (cross-scoring) will be detected and no result saved
* Best Result Ever does not get overwritten by lower Tournament-Results anymore
* Tournaments now work with PNflashgames
* while deleting/uninstalling a Game its Tournaments get removed
* Error-Messages now use their language-file
* Scores of zero do not win if "lowest score wins" in a game
* Score-Separator "space" fixed
* Categories are shown per user/guest depending on his group-permissions
* sending of PMs works with vBulletin 3.6 without any error-message
* Firefox now shows colors while viewing tournament-table
* Avatars show up, even user-uploaded ones stored in filesystem
* several fixes and improvements, mainly to the Tournament-System

* improved Database-Performance
* Arcade Mainpage and most other pages are now 100% XHTML 1.0 compatible
* Administrators can enter closed Arcade
* Error-Messages shown in vBulletin-Style
* Tournament-Match which ends with same score will give both players one more try
* after playing a game you directly see your new rank in the game's highscore-table
* Archives/Files in "AdminCP->Add Game" are sorted alphabetically
* Alphabetical Sort-Bar for better Navigation in Arcade mainpage
* new compact postbit-information: trophy only (with mouseover-information)
* Filesize is shown in AdminCP and on mouseover on gameicon in the Arcade
* setup amount of new/popular games via AdminCP to show on mainpage
* added some links in logical places to make navigation more easy at all
* new setting per user: "can create tournaments" (set this to NO to ban single users from this)
* Tournament-Pruning via AdminCP
* League-Updating has improved performance with more logic and less queries

Sometime in the future (we are looking at December 1st) we will once again be reseting the scores in the arcade to take advantage of the anti cheating function in the software. This will prevent fake scores from being saved.

We will also soon be adding even more games to the arcade! (2,000+ Games is NOT enough) :D

Thanks for your support of SatelliteGuys.US!
Is there a way to find out which games can be played with other players? Are there any texas hold-em poker games? Any that can be played against others? I usually go to but was curious if there was anyplace on here to play against actual members of the site.
There isn't a way to play against each other in real time.

We have the tournament feature which works with every game we have installed. :)
something new on my end, and i cant find a fix. my email reminders for "hi score getting beat" shows up in "unicode" or something like that, and just looks like a bunch of jibberish. if it needs to be fixed on my end, and someone knows how to fix, please let me know.
heres what the emails look like on my end

Hello bill93civic,<br />
<br />
your highscore in the game A Day Of Slacking was beaten by Zen79<br />
<br />
<a href=''>Click here</a> to play A Day Of Slacking and claim back the highscore, or <a href=''>click here</a> to see the highscores.<br />
<br />
We Look Forward to seeing you back at SatelliteGuys.US soon!

if anyone knows how to get it back to normal please let me know, TIA
Its a problem with the new version and has been reported to the author. We are not the only one with the issue. :)
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