What to expect of 622 install?



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Jan 12, 2004
I live in Orlando, FL and have a 622 installation scheduled for next week. I currently have a 6000 receiver (that will be shelved) and the AT120 package. I use an OTA antenna for locals. I want to get the HD Silver package and HD locals when they are available. I have some questions about the install that CSR has been unable to answer.

  1. What additional equipment will they need to install to receive the new programming I want (dish, switches)?
  2. Should the additional equipment cost extra or be included with the install?
  3. My antenna is on its last leg, is Dish offering any OTA antennas?
  4. Is there anything I should watch for during the install to avoid any problems down the line?
  5. HD locals are not available yet, but Orlando is on the list for this year. Is there any advantage to getting the SD locals now instead of waiting until the HD are available?
  6. Is there any good reason to keep the 6000 or should I put it up on ebay?

Thanks for your help!


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Feb 26, 2006
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nachomama - You'll get a lot of opinions on this. Here are mine:

1) You're in the 129 sat. "black-out area" so the D1000 won't work for you. Thus you'll probably need a D500 pointed to 110, 119 and a separate dish (500?) pointed to 61.5 with DP or DPP LNBs all around. If this is what you already have they may not need to change any of it. I expect your SD locals are all at 110 or soon will be. All your HDs will still be on 61.5. If you have one or two receivers you won't need any additional switches. The 61.5 LNB can feed into the LNBs on the D500 then a separate feed from those LNBs to each receiver will do it. You will only need 1 feed to the 622 if you have or get the DPP LNBs, then the separator that comes with the 622 can feed the signals to both sat. tuner inputs. If you end up with 3 or more receivers you'll also need a switch, DPP44 recommended tho' that may not be what they bring due to the current shortage of 44s.

2) I assume you're doing the $299 Dish-n-it up deal, and that should include everything you need except anything related to OTA - that's extra.

3) Check with both Dish and the installer; there should be some kind of deal there for a basic OTA antenna, if that's sufficient, at nominal add'l cost ($49?). YMMV. BTW - My large OTA is over 25 years old, still working fine. Do you really need to replace yours? Try it first - might be OK or just need new cable, fittings, etc. Make sure your installer is planning on the extra work. You'll have to pay him to do it, but he also needs to schedule it.

4) Make sure the installer uses the correct compression connectors, protects the exposed ones (silicone grease, weather boots, etc.), provides drip loops outside, and grounds it correctly including the dishes. Make sure he powers it up and activates it, and that you're getting all the channels you should get. He should also check (and if necessary optimize) the signal strength on each sat. You should also get at least some minimal explanation of the 622 and remote.

5) Only that in order to get the local information in your program guide you'll need to subscribe to the locals. This will pay off if you intend to record the local programs using the EPG information, otherwise you'll have to program the timers manually. Note: the OTA tuner in the 622 will not receive analog signals - you'll need to send those signals to a different tuner. Also - The 622 has a strong OTA digital receiver. Your PQ from OTA may very well exceed the PQ from that LiLs when you do get them.

6) It could be used as an HD tuner in another room (MEPG-2 channels only) if you keep it on your account, not sure what you can get for it.

Good luck!
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