What type of smoker do you use?

Actually, I am liking the pink idea right now. I have a friend with a metal shop and I could make the drum look like a pig.
No, but then it's not my smoker. It does make sense, a pig for a smoker. I like pink with flames. :D Someday I'll make my own and my BIL has a shop of his own and he's great at flames! :D
I also like the flames idea as that was actually my first idea (but not pink :D ). I am having fun trying to decide what I am going to do with it. Once I get things started, I will create a thread on the creation.
Sutherlands here has the Komodo's, heavy beasts... looked at one today.

I am assuming Komodo's is a brand or type of drum? If so do you remember how much it ran there? We actually have a Sutherlands in town and I might just have to make a trip over there.
$1000 is a little out of my price range right now and a little more than I would want to spend. To many other projects going on around the house sucking my money out of my wallet.
A little late to the thread, but I have the Weber Smokey Mountain and am a big fan. Clearly, it's the best commercially made smoker at it's price point. Where's Stimpson? He'll back me up. ;)

I debated the Orion a few years ago before I purchased the WSM, but the thing that steered me away was the fact that it wasn't really a smoker at all. It's more of a outdoor cooking device. The wood/coal smoke never hit the food as they are arranged outside of the cylinder. It's an induction cooker, not a smoker.

A traditional smoker is more of an art form. You play with the dampers to maintain a specific temperature. Low and slow is the key. The Orion is just the opposite. You can't adjust the cooking temperature since there's no dampers. The Orion is built to cook fast, which is the opposite of what traditional smoking is supposed to be about.
Bought my steel drum today for the uds build. Once I get everything in order, I will start a build thread.

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