whats easier to watch fuzzy analog cable or over compressed sd satalite?


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Feb 27, 2004
southeast michigan
just seeing what the over all opinion is. my main problem is if i switch to satalite will the over compressed sd channels look worse than the fuzzy noisey analog channels with my comcast cable. i would think the all digital satalite would look better than cable analog. but some people on this forum say just the oposite. any input would be appreciated. thanks...
If your Comcast cable looks like our basic Comcast cable does, I don't think there's any question as to which is the best.
We're supposed to have locals on Directv in a month or so, and when that happens, Comcast is gone.
You have asked a simple question that does not have a simple answer. It depends on the quality of your cable signal.

Cable signal quality on the analog channels can vary between the various cable companies. It will also vary between different cities, between different neighborhoods, and even between different houses. Before switching to satellite I had the opportunity to compare the picture quality at my home with my next door neighbor's and there was a big difference.

Satellite TV has the advantage of providing a uniform picture quality across the country.

My best suggestion is to find a friend/neighbor/relative who has the satellite system you are thinking of getting (either DirectTV or DishNetwork) and get them to let you try their system for a while. Barring that visit a dealer/retailer with a demo unit of the system you are looking at.

The question you asked calls for an opinion. Different people will have different opinions but the only one that counts is yours. So get out there and form your opinion!

Since you asked though here is my opinion. I find that over compressed channels on DishNetwork have a soft, slightly out of focus quality, but to me this is better than the snowy/ghosted picture that is found on my local cable system or by analog OTA. The digital OTA channels I am able to receive however blow the doors off of all competitors.

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