What's the advantage of Dishpro over Legacy?


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Nov 28, 2003
I was wondering... what is the advantage of having a Dishpro System vs having a Legacy system?

I know Dishpro stacks the frequency in the cable allowing it to minimize the amount of cables between the LNBF and Switch, and this stacking allows a farther distance of wire between your primary reciever and your Dish.

Are there any other benefits?
DishPro allows up to 200' of cable to be run...Legacy is 100 (although this has been proven wrong)

The big thing with DishPro is you only need 2 lines to the switch to run 4 receivers to, whereas Legacy you need 4. If you have 2 dishes, then its 3 vs. 6.

The DP34 switch allows you to add more DP34 switches to it to have up to 8, 12, etc receivers. The SW64 can be done this way, although much harder.

The advantage of Legacy is it will work with ALL receivers, without any add'l adapters.
The other advantage to legacy is that with 2 3922 systems you can have all the switches you need to point to 119, 110, and one wing satellite and still have an OpenTV receiver. Basically the switchesr are cheaper with legacy because they are included for free with a dual lnbf system. A 3922 system is the same price as a 301 standalone.