What's with CH 9852-BOWL?

Thanks Ice and Eurosport. I just didn't remember off the top of my head.

Sherman, I agree. I can see it if I am looking for (and I stopped because they are so close) it during football (jitter vs blur), but otherwise it's very hard to tell.
720P looks a little "smoother" than 1080I on a large screen to me. On very (and I mean) very close inspection I can see the slightest of difference in detail of faces, when close to the screen. At viewing distance, none. Same as OTA VS Sat. 1080P however has a "deeper" look to it, deeper colors, almost a little "3d" for lack of a better term. I can see that from a viewing distance. But, not with every blu ray. The source has alot to do with it.
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Scott Greczkowski said:
I don't know but I assume that whatever it will be used for will be SUPER. ;)

I hope they do show the Super Bowl on these channel... The local NBC channel in PR is SD only an the signal is SUPER bad...
Oh so you are the guy who bought those. I heard someone helped the format stay afloat for awhile.

About 60 of those were bargain basement priced, like 4 to 10 bucks. After HD DVD folded I got Toshiba's best player for a lot less then I paid for their lesser model, so, you see I have a back up player.
Maybe Dish is broadcasting the Super Bowl in 3D on these channels , you know HD 3D and SD 3D, a new concept.
Bobby said:
That's because it isn't...... Only 9852 is HD. You need to see 72.7 or 129 to get 9852.

Thank You Bobby. I can't see either of those satellites from my location...
If the superbowl is going to be on these channels, why wouldn't Dish advertise it. How are people that don't use this forum susposed to find out this information.
Bobby said:
That's because it isn't...... Only 9852 is HD. You need to see 72.7 or 129 to get 9852.

I am really sad that dish didn't put this temporary Super Bowl channel on 119/110 with HD for subs....atleast then on WA everybody could have that channel in HD.
Maybe it is to give everyone the Superbowl in HD even if their locals are not in hd. That sounds like the most logical reason to me.

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