What's with HD Demo channel moving?

I don't think it's moving. It's just that it's changing over to 8psk (a newer technology that allows for more available bandwidth). Owners of the model 6000 receiver will need to add a 8psk module, if they don't already have one, while owners on the 811 and 921 have the technology they need already built into their boxes.
As I reported here about two months ago, CBS HD and the HD Demo loop would be moving to 8PSK format.

They are staying on the bird, just changing the way they are being broadcast.
Its the real final death nail in the model 5000's HDTV coffin. They will now absolutely receive no HDTV programming from E*. Its dead.
I guess that means you will be able to get the HDTV modulator for a reasonable price now!

I wonder if anyone from Sears will be able to find a 8PSK adapter and insert it into a 6000? They floor models that I have seen are old 6000 which don't have it. hehe.

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