When can we order a new local?


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Sep 15, 2003
When will they start taking orders for the Superdish and new local. I live near Columbus, Ohio and they are suppose to be available on the 16th.
When they put the Cincinnati locals up we could order them the day that DISH made them available (9/5/2000).

I would guess that since you need the SuperDish before you can get your locals you should be able to call ahead of time to arrange installation of your SuperDish. Knowing DISH, this may not be true. You may have to wait until the 16th to order them and the SuperDish.

Let us know what they tell you. I'm interested in how long it is going to take to actually get a SuperDish installed.
hehe, also expect the first serveral CSRs that you talk to, to tell you that there is no such thing as SuperDish and that there aren't any locals available in Cincy.
Wait until November 1st when the SuperDish promotion takes place where you geta free SuperDish and free professional installation with a one year commitment to AT50 or higher and locals or HD.
You will have to wait until 11.1.03 or whenever SuperDISH is out. I've already asked and was told that when the upgrade was available I could get my locals. I'm gonna wait until 11.15.03.
I wonder how long customers will have to wait to get the SuperDish installed, seeing how many people will be wanting their locals and HD channels all at once with all these local markets going up.

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